What do I need to do to integrate hen and chicks to henhouse?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by littlels, Apr 11, 2012.

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    Oct 27, 2011
    We had a broody hen hatch out some chicks the last 2 days. She is in the coop with the other hens and rooster except she is caged in so there is a barrier. We would like to integrate momma and babies into the main area with everyone else. What do we need to do to accomplish this?

    Do we need to make a nest area on the ground so that the chicks can get up into it with momma since they can't get up to the nesting boxes?

    How do we feed them their chick feed and water them without the rest of the chickens stealing their food?

    Can we just put them in with everyone or do they need to go in at night? During the day so they can be observed? Open both gates and let momma take the hike over with the little ones in tow?

    I'm not too worried about momma protecting them, just how to go about getting them comfortable and fed. :- )

    One other issue is that she still has 2 eggs under her I think that haven't hatched. She has been hatching since Monday or Tuesday very early AM as when we saw the first chick she was already a major fluff ball. Is she just going to keep sitting there or will she start getting up soon to feed the ones that have hatched? How long do we let her stay put before we take the unhatched eggs?

    Thanks a lot! This is our first broody hatching her own and it is so exciting!

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