What do mites look like?

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    Apr 20, 2010
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    This is kinda like a trick question
    I know what mites look like, the thing is I can't tell whether my hens have it or not. Most of my hens are white but its rain season here and they are full of mud from my rooster servicing them [​IMG]

    So what would the behavior of a mite infested hen look like (besides all the documented signs)? I do not see any bugs on them. Like I said before I can't tell because of the mud if there are eggs. I don't know what rough feathers look like. I only get 4 eggs a day from a flock of 11, one hen is regular most of the time
    they itch, pick at themselves, shake their heads, and stop in their tracks to scratch like a dog would. but there are no visible eggs (as far as I can tell)
    Please help me
  2. Judy

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    They may be doing all this as part of normal grooming plus the mud. If you can't see anything at night with a light, I wouldn't worry about it. Or if you are still worried, a few bucks for a can of poultry dust might be worth the peace of mind.

    I don't know one from the other (lice/mites) but you might see tiny white spots, tiny black spots, tiny things moving on the feathers.

    I can't see well enough any more to be sure, so guess what I'd do....
  3. dawg53

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    Buy a decent magnifying glass and inspect your chickens with it. If you see tiny specks moving in the mud or dirt on your chickens, you'll have your answer.

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