What do you do with all the cockerels?


8 Years
Apr 21, 2011
Highlands, Scotland
For all those people who hatch a fair amount of birds in the year, what do you do with all the cockerels? I find that the number of cocks normally outweighs the number of hens. Other than eating, just culling or trying to find them homes is there any other way to get rid? I just can't stand killing young birds which are too small to eat, it seems like such a waste but I cant afford to fatten them!
Also, has anyone found that raising to bator temperature a little increases the number of hens hatched?
Some I butcher as fryers, some as broilers, and some as roasters. Some people are able to find zoos or animal preserves that will take them for feeding the animals. Getting rid of the roosters is always a problem.
Guess we're going to have a lot of chicken in the freezer! I always want to put them to auction but after I pay entry fee, it turns out im paying to get rid of them!
We have an Amish auction here, you put the cage and whatever is in it to auction. Doesn't sell much but hey, I refuse to pay 5 dollars a head to butcher a bantam rooster. Lol

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