What do you do.....


8 Years
Nov 30, 2011
Tooele, Utah
...when you've had a trying day, need a hug, and there's no one there to hug you? What kinds of things do you do to help cheer yourself up?

I have had such a day, myself, and then when I was bumming out, I realized my cat had curled up right by my legs
I'll take that.
fur therapy is always the best!! comfort food and some enjoyable tv might also help.
I'm so sorry your day's been like that. Those days are rough.
How fortunate you are to have your loving kitty. Animals know.

A majority of my days are like that because I take care of everything and everybody in the family and at day's end it's just me left alone with nobody to hug me back or relate to and it can be very lonely. Like you, my rescue kitty from years ago (he's kind of an old man now) gives me so much comfort when I'm alone or ill. I thought I saved him way back when, but then I began to see how he saves me.
God knows this. If I'm in pain on long nights God and that little pirate kitty never leave my side, when I cry the pirate kitty bumps me & snuggles up and purrs all night beside me. I'm not a crazy cat lady (nothing wrong with that in my eyes tho
) but based on past years I really believe God sent that sick little kitty into my yard & into my life years ago (that I did NOT want) knowing what the future was going to hold. I thank God for that lil pirate cat's companionship every day. And I spill my heart and concerns to the Lord a lot and run to His grace for help make it through. Sometimes I've attempted to take calls from friends or have a good movie and a hot cup of soup standin, but it's never quite been the same comfort.
I love the kitty comforts. My cat will come and curl right up on my lap pushing the laptop out of the way.A coffee,a kitty,and a good book or movie is good for me.

Hope today is better for you!
Fur therapy, gun practice or the realizations that all things take time helps a lot. We tend to get hung up on bad things happening here and there but forget to see the big picture that and even though we had a bad day, our life is generally going in an upward and positive direction. Everything else is just "life experiences"
I usually come to BYC or spend time with my animals. My Wolf Dogs are especially keen are emotional changes and are quite affectionate when I'm feeling down.

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