What do you feed your birds?

I don't make my own feed per say, but I do a bit of mixing.

Like the layer I buy has too little protein, and the colour of the egg yolks is not as bright orange as I would like it.

Besides that my birds get the occasional table scraps I also add 1 scoop of 50/50 with corn/molasses and 1 scoop of 20% turkey grower for ever 3 scoops of layer, and in the winter, just to help with the lack of their usual supply of protein(bugs) and due to the lowered protein level in the feed because I add grain to it I supplement them wild game meat(either ground or the scraps from the bottom of the saw). Usually 1-2 lbs per 25 birds once a week. Keeps my girls laying through their molt, and they just love that stuff and look awesome.

An old Polish fellow gave me the Idea, back in the old country he used to give any raw meat scraps to their chickens in the winter to keep them laying and in good shape.
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They eat mice, baby birds, lizards and last month they even stole a fully grown groundsquirrel from our cat and tried to eat it.....

Also when I butcher those little vultures will fight over every bone(I debone everything) and scrap of meat that I drop.

They are omniverous creatures(like humans), not cows.......
I wasn't trying to be offensive
. Just curious:). Trying to learn all I can
Sorry, didn't mean to sound angry or anything, english is my second language and I have been working so much lately, I just wanted to quickly reply and didn't even pay attention what it sounds like. Usually I double check my messages and ask my stepdad(who was born here) if anything sounds weird/harsh etc.

Sorry again.....
I feed mine the layer pellets I buy from the co-op. but I turn them out every afternoon to free range, also they get all the scraps that DH and I don't eat,(which is really very little)butIdo give them bread,whole wheat every day, marrie
forgot they also get a large dipper of DE and scratch when I turn them out to free range.
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I mix their food. I use the standard chick starter and layer pellets and add to it.

I add:

Whole Flax seeds
Oat Bran
Wheat Germ
Winter Wheat Berries
black oil sunflower seeds
dried apple

they get treats of their favorite steamed brown rice, baked sweet potato, boiled whole wheat pasta and fresh garden veggies, scrambled eggs, hot oatmeal and watermelon halves on hot days.
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