what do you like about the various rocks, buff orpingtons, astrolorps?

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    so what do you all think of partridge rocks, barred rocks, buff orpintons and black astrolorps? What are their temperments and other good/bad points? Are they good layers, mothers, setters?
  2. Year of the Rooster

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    Jun 27, 2008
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    My Australorp pullet isn't laying yet, but she is one of the nicest chickens in my flock! At one time she would love to sit on my lap. They are also very fluffy which also adds to their rating [​IMG]
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    Jul 11, 2008
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    My barred rocks are some of my most friendly girls. They are very regular layers, sweet and curious, and one of the first to come running when I call to them to give them treats. They came from McMurray. I can pick them up just about any time I want to without a chase. They haven't gone broody, and they're just over 9 months old.

    I've had in the past, but no longer have, buff orpingtons from McMurray. They were okay, but not my favorites. They seemed to be racist, and were my worst at picking the other girls' feathers out. They were terrible about it! They were not overly friendly like I've read about other people's buff orps. My sister currently has buff orps from McMurray, they hatched March 29 last year, and they're already going broody (mine never went broody). She had two of them hatch eggs during Thanksgiving week. She likes them, though they're already picking bald spots on each other's backs.

    I've got one australorp right now from McMurray, almost 6 months old, who just started laying last week. She is giving me a lovely, darkish brown egg every day so far. She's not overly friendly, but she's calm and beautiful. I love her already. She was one of my more shy chicks from day one.

    I haven't had partridge rocks, but I would love to get some someday. I think they're gorgeous.
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    I have a BR and an Australorp chick who are about 2 weeks old, and I too have noticed that the australorp is the shyist one of the bunch. She does NOT like to be handled. I've had BR's before, and the ones I had were always very friendly and curious.
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    Temperament varies so greatly from SOURCE to source for chicks. My Partridge Rocks are love bug lap chickens. The BOs I HAD... went to someone else who could stand contentious, loud mean chickens. The Black Australorps are some tough tough animals - one was so bad I did eat her. They pick hard on different birds, they aren't as friendly as the PRs but they defend the group, and they're laying and they are very very soft and nice to pet, and taming up some. My Barred Rocks is a darling - sweet tame curious.

    I've had good and bad from different sources from the same breed. So it matters who you get them from. Like people some individuals within a group will also vary, I got rid of the loud and meaner PR's quite early.

    When you can, buy from established small breeders with flocks they handle and live with. Many of the BYCers are excellent sources of eggs or chicks far better than hatchery stock. It makes a difference. If not be prepared to cull, don't live with a mean chicken. Don't keep one that isn't any fun and doesn't produce.

    If you want pets, keep the ones that act like it. If you want production your priorities might vary. I kept the two BA's because DEFENSE of flock and egg laying have value, even if they aren't cuddly. And if they get meaner - they're darned tasty and good sized.

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