What do you pay for?

depends on 1. where your getting them from and 2. what you want to get color wise and quality wise, looking for pets/egg layers or breeders/show birds (i dont even know if they show muscovies but ya know ) ?

I can get muscovy ducklings that are just backyard pet's babies for 2-5$ for 1 day old...from really good breeding stock and some of the uncommon colors 10$ a baby tops IMO.

So I'd say 5-7$ is a good price range to expect them for atleast in my area.
I think at 3 weeks old it would depend on what she has put in to them in terms of time/money. If she has brooded them on her own and taken time to clean brooders pay for feed ect. then I would expect her to ask a little bit more. If they are out with mom and free ranging for a good part of the time, I personally would expect to pay less. Not because of the quality, just because of the expense to the owner. I would pay up to $10.00 for a healthy, thriving 3 week old with colors I was excited about. But would definantly shoot for the $5.00 range first.
What do they need in terms of winter protection? I mean are they hardy in winter or do they need to be in basement or somthing? Any info on them I would LOVE:). I have 7 acres and a brook that runs through the backyard and in summer I plan on only putting them in at night like the chickens and letting them in the morning.
$5 would be a fair price here probably too.

I had my 5-6wk old listed for $10 and got ONE response off craigslist. everyones been selling or trying to sell them for $10 as day olds this year...craziness i think. I kinda wanna keep em a little longer anyway
They just need a dry, windproof shed to go into during the winter, sometimes they wont even use it but they do need it. My babies now mostly sleep outside and a few sleep in the plastic dog house in their pen. the weather has been nice, besides rain, so theres no real need for bigger housing for mine.
Can they use a large dog carrier for night times with shavings I do not have fencing up for them they just wander around as I have alot of land for them. Will they go in at night like the chickens do???

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