WHat do you think about an Ipod touch? Is it worth buying?


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Dec 30, 2010
I am going to get an i pod touch and i was wondering what do you all think about them? Are they worth all that money? The reviews are good! I hope i like it! Is it more for games and apps or songs? please help me out buy answering these questions or recommendations! Thank you !!!

Baby Henz!
I have a second generation touch and I love it. It was about $400 back when I bought it two years ago.

If you are big into music, I would definitely recommend it. It is easy to use and makes browsing for music a lot of fun. I like that you can connect to the internet, but I wouldn't recommend one for browsing. They are kind of slow on wifi internet using the safari browser. The games are neat and I've only ever gotten the free ones but there are some great ones out there for just .99 cents. Only issues with the touch is that the battery doesn't last long when you are playing videos, games, or surfing the internet. Also, the front panel is made of glass and a few friends have broken or cracked the glass from dropping it. If you buy a case and are very careful, you should not have a problem though.

Look at some of the older generations, which should be considerably cheaper and do everything the newer ones do. I'm not even sure what generation they are up to now. I went with the second gen over the first gen because it had external volume buttons on the side and that was very important to me. Otherwise, the first and second were basically the same. I'm sure it is the same with the newer models now.

So in short, if you are into music and a bit of casual gaming, than yes I would recommend one. If you are looking for one to browse the web and play games on, I would probably go with a more gaming specific type of system like a nintendo DS or something similar.
I have a four generation touch, and I totally love it:) I'm actually on it now... It was like $225. I think it was worth it:)
I bought one for Oldest last year for her Bday-mmm 16G?? worth every penny as she is addicted to it -and bought my youngest an ipod touch nano 8G for xmas she loves it just the same

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