What do you think about New Hampshire Reds?


12 Years
Dec 15, 2007

We have 4 chickens on which we thought are Rhode Island Reds, but are actually more of New Hampshire Reds, although not entirely sure. It's good to hear that they are fantastic layers and goes broody, but, I heard they can be quite aggressive. Not only do I like chickens because of their eggs, but also as wonderful companions. But with my experience with my New Hampshire Reds so far, they have been extremely peaceful and friendly and shows almost no signs of aggressiveness. What do you think about them? What's your opinion and experience about New Hampshire Reds?


Many thanks for your usual kindness.
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I have 5 New Hampshire Reds in my flock and they are not aggressive at all. They have great personalities and my three kids absolutely love them. And like you mentioned, they are great layers. Enjoy them!!!
I had 18 about 5 years ago and some of the roosters were mean and the hens pecked when gathering eggs, but were ok otherwise.
NH Reds are awsome birds!!! My sweetest hen, Lucy is a NH red,a nd she is a sweetheart!! I call her my little puppy dog, cause she follws me around every where I go, and always comesin for a cuddle. She sits at my feet, and looks up at me with those adorable eyes of hers! LOL!! I want to get some more, cause she is just awsome in my book!




I think it depends on the strain.You could probably get that trait in any breed.

True. They were some of the meanest roosters we have had, but not as mean as a japanese bantam. Dang that thing thought he was 4 feet tall and bullet proof. He doesn't live here anymore either. He found a nice home on another farm - far away from us!
Thank you everyone for all the great replies. I thought my beloved New Hampshire Reds are going to turn their back on me, but with your confidence boosts, I feel a lot better. Thank you very much.

More opinions are greatly appreciated!

By the way, your Lucy is very beautiful, Critter Crazy! I'm very sure you did a great job with her.
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