What do you think are best bantams for pets from Meyer?


11 Years
Mar 23, 2009
My sister is thinking of placing an order and I would like some more bantams.
My choices are
Barred Plymouth Rock
Russian Orloff

I know Silkies are great, and we already have a Cochin and OEG so we wanted something
A lot of the breeds that I have read about they don't carry.
Any of these breeds that you love ( I have an 11 year old, and they're mostly her pets),
or should I wait and look elsewhere for something else.
The following are just my experiences with these breeds- others will have other experiences of course.

I have had LF wyandottes and wouldn't have them again.

I LOVE d'Uccles. They were so tame when we had ours. They can fly like a helicopter and made sounds similar to a cat. Adorable.

Also bantam ameraucanas (EEs) lay very well, but are very independent- not nearly as tame as the d'Uccles. They are very chatty and curious. Ours would sometimes fly over our 8 foot fence, to be with the Golden Campines, who instigated the whole thing. They never tried to get out until the Campines got large enough to want to fly out.

I love them both (my DH didn't want so many bantam eggs).

Oh I forgot I did once have a bantam dark Brahma - she was very timid and skittish, but calm, if you know what I mean.
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I had bantam cochins at the same time I had d'Uccles (golden necked and one lavender).

They were both very timid, but the cochins were very shy of human contact (we didn't handle them much) and the d'Uccles actually sought us out sometimes to be near us.

I could pick up a cochin and it would just sit there, though, not trying to escape wildly like the flightier breeds.

I love them both. If I had to choose one I don't know what I would do.
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I've sure seen a lot of good posts about the d'Uccles. Maybe we will try them.
Our cochin is exactly like that and my daughter is bummed that she doesn't want
to be picked up. Though when she finally catches her she will settle down. She wants
ones that want to be picked up. Thanks for the input.

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