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  1. laura625

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    May 19, 2012

    We have bakers dozen grown birds now. Assorted hens ( 6 sussex X NHR, 2 RIR, 2 Barredrock, 2 ORP,) and a speckled Sussex rooster who is quite gentlemanly. We also have 6 silver lace Wyandote chicks.
    These were all acquired at different times at different ages and so far everyone gets along fine.

    We are ready to expand, and I was thinking of getting:
    1Buckeye cockerel, and 9 pullets as follows: 3 Buckeye,3 Orps,and 3 golden sex links.
    We would be able to house two little flocks separately if necessary,

    What I am looking to do is end up with a flock of cold hearty,dual purpose birds that will free range happily and efficiently (including some managed pasture) and hatch and raise their own chicks while Also producing a good number of eggs. ( say 4-7 eggs/day from 9 hens over the year).
    Not too much to ask, eh?
    I would like to keep some pure buckeye, always,but beside that, expect everyone to eventually intermingle .

    With that in mind,
    I selected Buckeyes as good freerangers ( good foragers, and alert) The Orps hoping to get broody mamma hen(s), and the sex link primarily for their laying..
    Unless and until we get them haching/raising chicks, we'll do that for them.

    So, Here are my questions
    1 With total of 27hens, and those two roosters, are they likely to get along when they are all inside the 1/3 acre yard? or should definitely plan on separating.?( we'd have 2 coops).
    2 I know goldens are hybrids so wont breed true. But, would the characteristic of being heavy layers show up in their offspring?
    3, Am I silly to think that starting with this group, we could end up with a flock of mixed breeds that exhibit the combined traits of the original breeds? ( aside from breeding some good buckeyes,I hope
    to Not do selective pairing, only input I would have would be though deciding who to cull, who to keep for breeding.) I Hope this makes sense. Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    PS, anyone raising Buckeyes in Vermont?
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    Feb 24, 2009
    Strasburg Ohio
    Just to share, I raise Buckeyes here in Ohio, and my hens are HIGHLY broody.........They've been broody twice this year already, and I think they're on the verge of being broody again........But I do love my Buckeyes. My rooster is the BEST!
  3. laura625

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    May 19, 2012
    Thanks for responding. Broody buckeyes would be wonderful!
    As I understand, that,s not too common For them?
    All our birds now are about a year old. So far no one seems inclined to go broody.
    I am truly a beginner.I figured having orpingtons might up the chances of having a broody one?
    Im Really excited
    about the buckeyes. I think i will simplify m original question, and. see i f i can get more replies. Happy dancin to you.
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