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  1. whistlin dixie

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    Apr 6, 2007
    I have 6 chickens
    2 Americanas
    2 White Rocks
    2 New Hampshire Reds

    I have never had a chicken before, but here is my plan, I want to see if you chicken experts see any possible problems with it...

    I have a coop/shack up and ready for them with a little fenced in area to run around, the outside ground is a dirt floor because the coop and run are all under a huge pine tree where grass will not grow. My plan is to let them out of the run alot during the day in my big chain link fenced in yard, so they can forage for bugs and play in the grass (or whatever they do) I also dont want to confine them to the dirt floor yard too much because I imagine it will get all poopy (Is that a word?) and I dont know how I would clean it. Do you think my chickens could jump the fence? Please tell me what you think of this plan. Thank you friendly chicken folk!
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    Mar 30, 2007
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    1. how old are the chicks, they need a brooder from 1-5 weeks about
    2.if you clip the wings they wont go over, or if you put a band on them, they may otherwise be able to(fly the coop) but they should stay "home"

    otherwise your have very nice ideas for the coop&run
    good luck with the "babiees"

    P.S. you chose are good, where did you buy them from?
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  3. Hey Dixie, Just to let you know I have a dirt floor in my coop. I just use the deep litter method with a lot of straw. Don't let the dirt floor get to you. Just keep some gravel under your water for drainage. I let mine run around and I don't have a fenced in yard however I live in the boonies on a ranch. You have a good choice of birds chosen. Good luck!

  4. whistlin dixie

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    Apr 6, 2007
    Clip the wings huh? Can I do this myself? I dont want to hurt them, My girls are about 3-4 weeks old now. I have neighbors on both sides of me and they both have large dogs, I dont want my chicks to be able to fly over the fence and I really dont want to keep them too confined. Did I really get a good selection of birds? I went to the local feed store and just bought two of each they had. I have them in a brooder box in my downstairs living room right now, I just love them. Is there anyway of making sure they are all girls?
  5. If you want to keep them in your yard I'd suggest clipping them. You just clip one side so their off balance. You really did get a nice selection. As far as sexing them I have no clue how to do that! Maybe if you post pics then someone can tell you what they are. Good luck with them!
  6. My feedstore only orders pullets, so as long as they were sexed correctly at the hatchery, I should be good to go.

    You might ask the feedstore what they ordered.

    Otherwise, I think you have to wait a few months (3-4?) to know what sex they are.

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