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    I bought a 'playhouse' from the local high school to use as a coop for our 3 Welsummers. It is 4' x7' outside dimension, divided into a 'porch' area and an area which a little girl would use as a house, divided by a half-wall. My question is this: the inside dimensions of the 'house' side are 3.5' x3.5', which I figure out to be 12.25'- big enough for 3 hens, right? So, should I completely divide the playhouse and use one part for the coop proper and the other side as an area for the cans which will hold the food, grit, etc and assorted shovels, etc, or should I remove the half-wall and let the girls have the whole thing for themselves?
  2. Pequena Bandada

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    Jun 13, 2010
    I'd remove the half wall and let your chickens have the entire thing. That way when your chicken math catches up to you and you end up with more than three hens, you'll have enough space! Besides, it might be a pain to have to get into the side of the little house to get feed and other chicken gear. It's probably easier if you have the food and stuff next to the coop.
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