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    Apr 28, 2011
    So I ordered 8+ orpington eggs from a BYCer (bargain) and got 13. Im so happy with her service its not even funny. I got 6 B/B/S's (blue blacks or splashes), 6 B/B/S/L's (i think that means blues, blacks, splashes, or lavenders), anc 3 lavender eggs. So I put them in the incubator. Only two of the B/B/S's are forming, and all the rest are. Is this good for shipped eggs? Im slightly disopointed that only two of the B/B/S's are forming. But I really wanted to lavenders the most. So im happy.
  2. justbugged

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    Jan 27, 2009
    Having 11 eggs forming, when all you really bought was just 8 eggs, is a great rate. I think that you really can't blame the post office on the 2 eggs that are not developing. It possible that the eggs simply were not fertile. I just got 17 eggs from bargin also. I started incubating them on Saturday evening.

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