What do you use to take your chickens to a show? Crates?


8 Years
Mar 2, 2011
Hi, newbie here. What do you use to bring your chickens to show? Dog crates? Any tricks on what to bring to the show? Do I need to bring my own shavings and cups?
i take mine in dog cages, cat cages, crates,

no you do not need your on shavings or cups. I would bring some baby wipes, and VetRX to put on their comb, legs, wattles

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Someone here took theirs in a toilet paper box and that chicken won grand champion LOL. So long as they fit well, and are comfortable with ventilation even a box will work.
Rubbermaid totes work awesome and are rather inexpensive, just get the kind that have a locking handle that comes over the top. We drill holes in the sides toward the top for air flow. In totes they get no feather damage to and from the show.

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