What does a chicken consider a treat??

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by andiek, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. andiek

    andiek Hatching

    Oct 5, 2008
    New Zealand
    You guys talk about giving your chickens treats. What do you give them??
    Ive just put the girls to bed with some supper and the little grey is still sitting there like a rock.
    If she doesn't get a baby will she be upset? Should i try to do something about it?
  2. I'm not quite sure I understand your question... [​IMG]
  3. d.k

    d.k red-headed stepchild

    * Lol! Treats are anything and everything they don't usually get--- and most of what they do!! Mine each got a little bit of my leftover resturant breakfast today. A couple spoonfuls of potato and chopped steak, with a couple drops of A-1 sauce. [​IMG] (Uh, um, I wouldn't feed 'em babies. . . ~:eek:)
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  4. rebecca10782

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    Apr 24, 2008
    Mine go CRAZY over cheese. You can't give them to much though, I assume it is not great for them.
  5. andiek

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    Oct 5, 2008
    New Zealand
    Hi PouletsDeCajun & d.k,

    thanks for your responses. earlier in the day i asked about one of my chickens thats sitting on her nest constantly and wondered if i should take food and water to her. thats what i was refering to about the grey sitting like a rock:) i think she wants a bub.
    but i've been reading back alot of pages and you all talk about giving them treats, so i was wondering if perhaps some shops sold chicken lollies or chocolate covered pellets or something. perhaps i'll put aside some of my kids pudding and biscuits for them. it would be neat if they followed me around the place.
    it was mentioned previously that the brooding chicken would do big poo and man! thats so right. can't quite get my head around putting it on the vege garden yet - that just seems gross, but eating unpackaged eggs straight from the coop seemed gross a couple of weeks ago, so theres hope for me yet!![​IMG][​IMG]
  6. andiek

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    Oct 5, 2008
    New Zealand
    Ha! [​IMG] cheese!! Imagine that:rolleyes: i'm going to try that in the morning. i suppose too much would bind them up a bit like it does to people.
  7. Buff Hooligans

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    Jun 11, 2007
  8. spook

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    Apr 21, 2008
    North Central Florida
    Use caution when giving cheese as it is high in sodium and salty items are a no no for our feathered friends.
    My girls love what ever I feed them from my hand. Doesn't matter what it is, when I give it, its special.
    With our girls they love grapes, we refer to it "Chicken Candy". I do have to cut them up or only feed directly from my hands because they swallow them with a gobble and I don't want to squeeze one due to asphyxiation on a grape!
  9. MagsC

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    Jul 27, 2008
    Yogurt, apple peels, oatmeal, cheerios, just to name a few. Be creative but remember if its bad for US its usually bad for them as well.
  10. EurekaSouth

    EurekaSouth Chirping

    My chickens love cherry tomatoes from the garden and grapes, and spaghetti noodles, left over oatmeal, just about anything left over from the kitchen (except chicken!!). Give them back their egg shells, too, helps make more egg shells.

    Regarding your setting hen: I've just always made food and water available for them, and if they want it, fine, if they don't, fine.

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