What does a drowned chick look like? Why didn't it hatch?

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    I opened an egg this morning...partially. This was day 27 and I knew it was long past due but I left it in for the guinea hatch and finally took it out this morning. (Very risky, I know.) I went in through the air cell, but not through the membrane. There was no internal pip and there was obvious fluid sloshing around. Through the membrane it didn't look to be decomposing yet, but I didn't look too closely. Is the fluid indicative of drowning, or is that just normal fluid that they use to lubricate and turn and zip? 2 of the other 3 chicks had trouble hatching. One was too big, and the other had a bit of a rubbery membrane. The membrane on this one looked a little rubbery I guess, but it was also "overdue". Any clues, or luck of the draw?

    For what it's worth, they incubated in a Brinsea Eco 20 - 35% to day 18, then 65%.
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    It sounds like you just had what is commonly refered to as a quiter, it's where the chick get's to a certain point in development and then just dies or quits. there is really no way to tell if and when it will happen it just sometimes does to no fault of your own.

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