What does a judge look for?

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    can any one give me examples of what a judge looks for and the type of questions they ask? or if you can reccomend a good website
  2. M To The Maxx

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    Jul 24, 2009
    If you mean livestock shows I would like to know too.
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    A judge for what? Chickens? They look to see how closely a chicken matches the breeds standard of perfection according to the Standard of Perfection book.
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    Type first--this is based on a Standard set up for each breed and variety(color) As stated above their is a Standard of Perfection for chickens large fowl and bantam, that is what a judge base his decisions by. Their are disqualifations as well as defects that can happen in each breed. So you definitely want to know what those are when you show. Next it's condition--cleanliness, feather condition, things like broken feathers, missing feathers, damaged feathers, ect. Also, over all health and the bird. A good show bird will show him or herself off to the judge, you don't want a scardy cat hiding in the corner scared to death when the judge goes to handle them.

    If it's showmanship you speaking of depending on your age they can ask just about anything to do with poultry. The APA/ABA youth website has a list of showmanship questions available according to age groups.

    Hope that helps a little. I'm sure someone else will chime in with more info.

  5. I second that. [​IMG] Putting it mildly, judges will look at conditioning and the bird's standard. As far as showmanship questions go, it depends on age, but expect questions about how you keep your birds healthy, clean, what you feed them, trivia about your bird's breed or chickens generally, egg production, what the bird was bred for, and where it came from/questions about it's origins.

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