What does my hen have?

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    Last Wednesday I noticed my buff orphington wasn't herself. Her back was bent over, her tail feathers tucked down between her legs, not eating or drinking. Thursday I took her away from the others. I was told by some other chicken people she had coccidiosis so I have been treating her since Friday with corid. I mixed it into her water and have given her a straight dose daily. On Friday night a vet told me to treat her for worms with wazine. So I have treated both her and my other 5 hens.
    She still isn't eating drinking and on Saturday morning started doing this strange neck movement. She can't hold her neck up and constantly pulls it back up and it falls back over. Please see pictures and video. What does she have? [​IMG]
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    Start your hen on some poultry vitamins right away that include vitamin E, selenium, and vitamin B1 (thiamine.) Selenium is found in eggs, tuna, salmon, and sunflower seeds.Wry neck can be a symptom of vitamin deficiency, head injury, or from certain diseases such as Mareks and others that can cause brain inflammation. What symptoms did she have that lead to treatment of coccidiosis and worms? Was she having diarrhea, blood in her droppings, or not eating? Here is an article about wry neck: http://www.browneggblueegg.com/Article/Crookneck/Crookneck.html

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