What does sneezing mean?


10 Years
Jan 8, 2010
I have meaties and a few are sneezing. Now, this was right after I added pine shavings. Could it be the dust? I've kept them out of drafts. Their eyes all look clear and bright, they're active and w/o other symptoms. Help?
My RIRs did that too...now they're 8 weeks and in the coop doing just fine! Good luck
In the absence of any other symptoms and considering you just added shavings, I'd say its the dust.
A friend of mine used shavings for her newborn foals and would put them in a basket and shake them in the breeze (outside) to get the chaff-like dust out of the shavings. It was a very tedious process for a large birthing stall, but for a brooding box it shouldn't be too bad. I definitely plan to do it in my future brooder box though.

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