What feed do you give your ducks? How much per duck?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by suburbanduckmom, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. suburbanduckmom

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    Oct 16, 2009
    Belmont, CA
    I have been buying Metzer feed at $40/50 lbs from a local store. Its the only place in the area that even sells duck feed [​IMG]. I'm driving to see my parents in a large agricultural community and can get Purina Layena for around $13/50lbs or another brand that is organic that is about the same as Purina. I'm wondering what others feed their ducks? Is it worth stocking up when I drive down?

    Could anyone who has switched food types share their experiences? One of my ducks is a bit picky and will pick out the thing she likes and not eat the things she doesn't [​IMG] My Pekin on the other hand eats anything and everything.

    My ducks are eating me out of house and home...they eat as long as food is available. How much do you feed per duck per day? I'm thinking about only providing food for part of the day and want to make sure they get enough.

    Other info: I have a piggy Pekin who is 7 weeks old and a slim Muscovy that is 10 weeks. They free range 1/3 acre during the day and get treats of veggie trimmings or fruit nearly every night. They have pellet available 24hrs/day. I think they eat better than I do at this point! They are pet ducks and will not be eaten but we will eat their eggs. I would like to plump up the Muscovy a bit so its more difficult to fly [​IMG]
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    you can add scratch to your feed as well. And you don't have to feed them "duck feed" specifically. do you have any feed stores around you that will sells chicken layer pellets? that's what i feed my ducks. nutrena and purina both have versions of it. scratch grains usually have cracked corn, oats, wheat, seeds of varying sorts blended together. I give my ducks a 2:3 ration of scratch:pellets. If you can't get scratch grains and don't mind your pekin turning a bit yellower, you can give them just cracked corn in the same ratio. I also give my duck fresh treats to supplement their feed, like collard, turnip, mustard, or beet greens everyday which they appreciate. You can also give them some parrot pellets (usually rainbow colors and fruit shaped) as a supplement to the feed.
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    Dec 1, 2009
    we feed our ducks Purina's Layena feed. We feed them 1.5 cups per bird per day.

    Those amounts were told ot us by a nutritionist at Pruina.

    Layena is an all natural grain based feed and very good. It can be fed to grown drakes and hens as well as layers.

    Good luck!
  4. suburbanduckmom

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    Oct 16, 2009
    Belmont, CA
    My muscovy picks out all the corn in scratch and won't eat anything else until I put down more corn. Just like a spoiled child!
  5. accio! chickens

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    Nov 28, 2009
    My ducks get layena, free choice in a chicken feeder in their house. They don't eat much of it because they free range all day long.
  6. Shadowhills Farm

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    Nov 14, 2009
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    We use Dumor Layer 16% crumbles from Tractor Supply. The amount we use is one big scoop for the whole gang (5 ducks, 5 chickens). We also give scratch, fresh fruits/veggies, and let them free range for a couple hours under close supervision.

    We also supplement with Calf Manna, which is made by Manna Pro. Our gang LOVES it! We have to mix in the feed or else they will just eat the Calf Manna.....

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