What feeder style do you use in a chicken tractor?


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Hi all,

I was hoping to get some suggestions for a easier feed/water set up for my tractor. I like the idea of the pvc style feeders but I worry about the food getting wet. My tractor really only has about a 1 1/2 ft of space that is sheltered from the weather and it's a beast to get in there and refill the hanging feeder but I don't know how to set the pvc feeder (or anything else) up that would keep it safe for my little flock. Watering them in there can be a pain too, if only because of the grass they kick around but I'm going to try a nipple watering system for sure. Just really need some suggestions on the food thing! I don't have any pics right now but I will add some a bit later.

Here's our system used in the tractor. I sent my husband links of what I like from BYC and YouTube and that's how we knew what to do. There's good instruction and lists of what's needed in some post and that's helpful. The visuals on YouTube were great!

It is fabulous to feed and water this way.
Here are a couple of links we used.

For the feeder, we left off the extension pictured on in first post, I think otherwise the construction is identical or nearly so. The whole thread's fun to look at and helpful.

I'm having a problem viewing the YouTube link, but I think it's the one I found for the watering set up. If the guy is Aussie, that's the one.


Have fun!
Mine's pretty ghetto. I have a waterer made from a 4-gal bucket, some PVC pipe, and horizontal watering nipples.



The hardest part of making the waterer was realizing that I needed a bulkhead adapter to attach the pipe to the bucket in order to stop it from leaking. With the adapter in the side of the bucket, there is always a little bit of water in the bottom of the bucket. Even when I pull the end cap off the pipe to drain and clean it. If I ever need to replace the bucket, it think I will hang it slightly over the edge of the tractor and drill a hole in the bottom of the bucket to attach the pipe.

My feeder is just a length of plastic gutter that I had laying around. It's a little too close to the ground because I installed it when my hens were little.


I attached a board to the end of the roosting bar to keep the chickens from pooping in their food overnight.
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