What fence to use?

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  1. So I went into TSC today and bought welded wire fencing for my barnyard and stupid me forgot the welded wire is not good if there is a sloap and my corner I am fencing in is not completely flat so I took it back what should I get that's 48" tall and not 200-500 hundred bucks?

  2. I use 1"x1" wire. My lowes only carrys it in 2ft tall rows tho so thats a bit of a problem.
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    Aside from chainlink (which ideally should have something finer meshed along the bottom 2-3', which gets you back to welded wire *anyhow*)... I think you're best off making do with the welded wire. (LARGE mesh welded or knotted wire, such as paige wire, actually does WELL with slopes).

    I know the smaller mesh sizes don't 'skew' well (to allow you to keep the wires horizontal/vertical) but you can always just install it on an angle to match the slope of the ground. Yes, you will have to make some annoying stairsteppy diagonal cuts at the ends, or have weird triangular overlap areas, and the wires will not be aligned with the fenceposts, but functionally it will WORK just fine.

    If you have an irregular slope -- flattish for a ways then drops off steeply -- you may be best off with a stairsteppy kind of fence, part of the base buried in the ground as necessary to allow you to run the fence on the horizontal.

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