What flooring should i use in my run??


8 Years
Oct 23, 2011
Suffolk, UK

Firstly sorry if this is in the wrong subject.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a material i can use on the ground of my chicken run to prevent it getting too sloppy when it rains?? Sawdust? Bark? etc.

Thank you!
It is just dirt atm, the grass went straight away and its a fixed run. The dirt is fine but rain is a prob as we get a lot in UK lol

I think sand would get sloppy after a lot of rain! Thank you
I'm using dirt. Here is what I did. Concrete floor, then tar paper for water barrier, then tarp that runs up the sides about 12 inches. I used screws to hook the tarp eyes over to hold the tarp up. Then poured dirt on to the floor. As the girls poop, I add more dirt, up to about 6 - 8 inches. Then, I pull the dirt out and "voila" Compost. Put the dirt into your garden, and replace it with dirt that needs fertilizer. We have four garden boxes that will be rotating through to be fertilized.

I have heard of the sand idea. Thought about that one. But, since I already have the dirt, ad don't need/want to buy sand.....

There you go.
I the sand is deep enough, it will drain and the top will be dry for the chickens. Organic materials such as sawdust will get wet and stay that way for a while until dry.

I put 6 inches of sand on top of dirt in my run last summer after the grass was gone. We had to go over the sand this spring with a rototiller to make it soft again so it would drain. The chickens had packed down the sand so it drained slow after a rain. Now its great again and chickens are enjoying dust baths and scratching again.

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