What gender are these?


5 Years
Feb 27, 2014
Out o my order of 10 chicks at least one, a BCM, is most certainly a cockerel. In my inexperience I am having a bit of trouble figuring out these other three. Care to take a look? All three birds are a few days shy of 14 weeks old.

Speckled Sussex 1:

Easter Egger: This one is the most beautiful in my flock but also the most skittish. Getting her/him to hold still for a picture was almost impossible!

Speckled Sussex 2:

both the Speckled Sussex, and BCM are very hard to determine gender on (at least in my experience) until those hackle feathers start coming in. I agree these all look like girls (does your BCM already have shiny sickle feathers, or is it *possible* that (s)he is reaching point of lay? Up until the day mine laid, we went back and fourth on this forum as to whether they were boys or girls). In my experience, my EEs have always been skittish until they reach point of lay, then some switch in their brain flips, and they turn into total baby dolls.

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