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My eggs were overdue! so thismorning I opened the eggs. One chick was through the sack, but dead. The other 6 were developed but all still in sack! Could this be a humdity problem. I had it around 45 percent. That is the highest I could get it up and I used sponges. I have a big giant incubator and eggs turner. I just don't know what I did wrong. I got one chick out of 30+ eggs. I'm about to give up. It seems like all went well until the end. Any info would be great! I feel so terrible!
I still have eggs growing and I don't want to kill them if it is something I'm doing. The temp was 99.5.
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The temp and humidity sounds fine for the first 18 days but did you raise the humidity for the last 3 days? If they pip internally, through the membrane, but not the shell, they are usually too weak to break the shell. This may be lack of nutrition in the parents. Or if they are really wet inside, they could have too much moisture in their and drown when they pip. Were they your own eggs? Was the membrane white and tough on the ones in the sac? If so this is called shrink wrapping and is from too low of humidity. Sorry if I am overwhelming you these are just some of the possibilities.

Here are some really good sites on hatching;

I printed both of them out and read them. They have a troubleshooting guide to incubating.

Don't give up. It takes 5 or so hatches to really learn the ins and outs of hatching. I would suggest to get some cheap local eggs or use your own and keep trying!

Good luck!
Thank You for the support. I have trouble getting the humidity above 45% . They were two sets of mail ordered eggs. I had put one of my hens eggs to see what it would do, it had the same problem. Some had moisture inside the membrain and some were dry. So it was a mixed signal. The membrain wasn't tough, only in the one that had broken through. But it could have dried out from being in the incubator waiting to hatch. I don't know! I got two beutiful blue orpingtons out of the hole batch I incubated. They hatched normal. But my cat got the lid off the incubator and ate my last laveder orpington. So only one survied, and it is very lonely. I hatched eggs last year for the first time, and didn't have this problem. I just don't know. Wondered if anyone else had any ideas! So thank You so much for the advise! I'm always willing to learn! Chris-Ohio
Don't even give up

I know..I know, it's disappointing..but never give up

Once you do it..and it all works out
You will be so happy u didn't give up

I purchased the brisnea..for just this reason, I wanted sure hatches..and no thinking

Sending u big hugs
Hi Chris,
Your incubator humidity has to do with the outside humidity. It is really low here too. I just keep adding more wet sponges or rags. I do not go by the "don't open your incubator during lockdown" method. I think it is more important to keep up the humidity where it is supposed to be. I have a hatcher that fits 50 eggs very tightly and I just had to have 4 wet rags and 4 wet sponges in mine. I have to rewet them with hot water every am and pm. I could only get up to about 60% this time and mine hatched fine. You can also use a spray bottle to mist the bator/hatcher.

You know shipped eggs only have a 50% hatch rate right? The one that pipped and died sounds like it was too dry and got shrink wrapped. The membrane becomes really tough and they cannot break it. One thing I do when they are pipped for a while and the egg shell has fallen off then I take a q-tip and smear just a little olive oil on the membrane that is open to the air to keep it soft. I do this while I have the bator open to rewet sponges etc. Sounds like humidity was your biggest problem with the hatch.

So sorry to hear of your loss to your cat. Maybe next time put a weight up on the bator or lock it in the bathroom or something? About the lonely chick, I will often put a small stuffed animal in with it or a feather duster if you have it. This makes them feel like they are under a momma hen. Is your broody hen still brooding? Would she take the lonely chick? You can try it, but have to watch that she doesn't pick on it. That means she will not accept it. If she does that is great!

Good luck and don't give up!
Thanks for all the advice and input! You are all so nice. I followed the directions to a T. I really think Humidity is my problem. Ive added sponges, rags but, I don't think it was enough. I do have a still air incubator. I finally broke down and ordered a Brinsea Octoagon 20 advanced with pump. I believe they just got too dry. If I have anymore of these, I may post a picture. It's just not very pritty. I've hatched before, but never had these problems. Thank You all for the great advice. It's nice to have someone to ask, because my husband says he doesn't have a clue!!
What part of the country are you in? A dry area or wet? I do dry hatch method (I don't add water at all to my bator). But, I am in Florida so I can get away with this LOL!

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