what happened to josephine

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  1. Been sick and DH has been taking care of the chickens, and went out this morning to see my babies and josephine had lost over half her feathers. they are laying all over the chicken house, so know some outside prediator didn't catch her. My GS has been collecting the eggs for me but since he usually lives in brandon fla, he wouldn't know that she wasn't supposed to look like that, just haven't got the knack of sending photos, can take them and put them on photobucket but thats as far as i can get. Josephine acts like she feels good but sure does look funny, even the guianias run her off marrie
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    Super Molt! [​IMG] I had a few of my girls do that earlier this fall. Feathers everywhere overnight. They threw most of them off in just a few days then started growing them back really fast. Hopefully, this is a molt & she will grow them back in quickly.

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