what happened to my serama?

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    my serama has been acting really down lately,she doesnt hold her tail up and doesnt move much. so i decided to inspect her and found a quarter-sized hole under her right wing. there was a chicken hawk on top of their pen yesterday and i dont know if he coud have reached his head in there or his foot. but i also have lost 3 chicks in the last 2 days to an unknown predator. but it was getting them in the middle of the day and i found all of the feather piles. so i believe that it was the chicken hawk. any ideas?
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    A hawk can and will injure or kill birds through the wire of their cages - depending upon the mesh size.
  3. mypurtychickens

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    i just noticed that her poop is runny too. so i think she has an infection because she is acting sick. i will keep her inside and clean the wound.it seems pretty deep. i hope she lives through it. pray....

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