What happened to the Poultry Enthusiast Magazine


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13 Years
Oct 10, 2007
I got a sample of Poultry Enthusiast Magazine quite a while back, and was just thinking about subscribing. The problem is, where did they go?? They do not have a website anymore, or at least not the www.PoultryEnthusiast.com one
Okay. Thanks

So do you think they don't even publish it anymore? I have "almost" every issue of BYP magazine, and am a faithful subscriber, but I had completely forgotten Poultry Enthusiats magazine existed until the day I made this original post. Maybe too many people overlooked it like I did
I found this little blurb on http://www.communitychickens.com/aboutus.html.

Before coming to Mother Earth News, Troy published Poultry Enthusiast magazine (unfortunately, that project hatched about the time of the bird flu scare) and has dabbled in all kinds of home projects, such as making furniture, building a deck and pergola, and creating various poultry coops and pens.

I guess they didn't make it.
Oh, that's too bad that they don't publish it anymore

If anyone who reads this has back issues, I'm interested in buying them!

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