What happens after they hatch?

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    Mar 24, 2009
    We have given our broody hen 4 fertilized eggs to sit on. She is sitting in a nesting box about 4 feet off the ground that is on a ledge with a ramp to the floor.

    What happens when / if the eggs hatch? Can they get down on their own or do we move them to a nesting box on the floor? If we need to move it how soon do we do this. She has already switch nesting boxes once so I am afraid if we move it before they hatch she will abandon the nest.

    Also we have a cat who totally gets along with the adult chickens who free range, but I assume the mother chicken would not be able to protect the babies and we should pen the mother and baby chicks up. If we pen them up how do you feed them? Do you put both starter feed and laying feed in there?
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