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Mar 7, 2011
i have 7 16 week old white sussex pullets i went to the feed store today to buy some more layer pellets however they did not have any and will only get some more next week. so i got some layer mash instead. will this be ok for a week if not can i do anything else to improve their diet?

Help is much apreciated
I think, that 16 weeks is too young for layer pellets or mash. They do not need the extra calcium until they are actually laying and normally are fed starter until 18 + weeks. I would get a bag of starter and let them eat that instead.
the store has run out and i cannot got to the other one as i do not have a car will the mash be ok for just one week if fed dry?
I'm sorry, I don't know the answer...I have never used it. I hope someone can help...I guess if that is all you have to feed them, it will have to be okay.
It should be fine, just try and get some Chick starter as soon as possible then save the layer mash till they need it. Try and save it in a cool dry place and it should be ok till you need it. You should go to grower before layer too

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