What height chicken wire?


11 Years
Feb 12, 2008
Rocky Mountains

I picked up a few rolls of 3' chickenwire yesterday so I could improve the 8' garden fence around my free-range area. There is currently an 8' tall fence made of fieldwire. I want to put up chickenwire around the bottom.

Do I need to put up 3' of chickenwire, or go 6' high? The chickenwire is to encourage the chickens to stay in the free range area, but it's not a catastrophe if they get out.

Here's my layout. There will be a secure, covered run inside of this free-range area.


Delaware, Faverolles, Polish, Ameraucana.

The free range area will not have a top, so yes they could fly out of it.

You definately have the potential for fence hoppers there. Only thing is to try and see if they decide to stay where you want them to be. I have watched some of my ameraucana literally scale the fence. Others could care less.
I just walked out this morning to find one of my new banty roo's being hearded by my cat . My fence is 7' high . I got him back in no problem . I have also had my banty turken girls do this . If you have banty chickens 3' is just a bump . I saw one of my red stars fly to 3/4 of the top fence line today also . IMHO 3' won't stop anything .

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