What/How do mother hens feed their new babies?

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    I recognize this must be the most basic question in the world :) but I've not found the answer here.
    I'm going to try the fertile eggs under a broody hen when it is next time for chicks.

    Do the hen and babies go out and free range right away or does she feed them like robin mothers do?
    How do the babies get up and down from the coop box?
    Thank you
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    Mother hens will call their babies to the food and pick up bits and drop it to show the babies. It's really cute to watch. My broodies usually sit for 2 days after hatching started, then they start walking around with the babies. But not very much the first day or 2. You'll see they spent a lot of time just sitting with the babies under their wings. The babies will see mom drinking water and copy her.
    You can feed them chick starter food or just fine crushed corn. When they are a little older you can give them fresh greens.
    If the coop box is too high for them to get in and out of you must put up a ramp or some steps.
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    Thank You!

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