What I learned + 4 weeks


10 Years
Feb 4, 2009
Ist time hatching and raising chicks and I thought I might share some observations I made. These may not be correct or time tested but they worked for my my first time.

- Noticed a difference between my 48hr test run of bator and when I added eggs, in temp and humdidity.
- Didnt take into account that the commercial egg turner makes it really hard to fill resivior in bottom of bator. I ended up using baby food jars and then went to sponges. 2 sponges got the humidity at 60% for lock down.
- During lock down I had to switch the sponges everyday. I did it quickly and still had good hatch rate.
- During lock down I noticed that the eggs moved more and hatched more and chicks were more active the closer the humidity was to 60%
- They grow really fast. Was caught off guard as to how fast and had to make different arrangements in basement.
- they eat alot.
- prepare any children that things will hatch out of eggs. Son said he new we were going to have chicks but didnt know they were comming from eggs. Also 19month old still quacks at them and calls the ducks

-Noticed that no matter how weird or dumb my question was, there were always people here to help and encourage.

hope this helps someone some how.

Next time you can try a dosing syringe (no needle) with some aquarium tubing attached. You should be able to snake it thru a ventilation hole and add water that way.
I learned NOT to put the bator in my bedroom....stupid move....we had to sleep on the couch for 5 nights.....LMBO.....they kept coming on different days so we couldn't move it outta there !
I also learned that 21 days is just a number someone pulled out of the air cause my first was on day 22....my last was on day 27...go figure !
AND.......I learned, besides tattoos this is the most addictive thing ever! You can't do it just once.....OVER, and OVER, and Over....LOL
One more......This has been BY FAR ( outside of my kids) THE COOLEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE !

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