What in the heck does this to a chicken? **WARNING GROSS DEAD CHECKEN PIC**


11 Years
Jan 15, 2009
Northern Cali
Not sure what time of day it happened I was away for a day but something dragged this one off and left a trail of feathers behind and this. It's like all the skin was taken off. It looked like a leg was chewed a little but no body damage that I could see. I didn't get a chance to clean it up and it took off with the body after dark.

I'm not sure if the head is gone. It looked like it was tucked under the bird but it could be gone. I didn't move the body and see.
maybe a hawk.....I heard they drag body off into brush or somewhere close by where they killed it to first pluck the feathers off.....and then take off with the chicken....
They pluck first and then take it home for dinner.
Same thing happened to me. Trail of feathers all over the yard, found the poor chicken headless with it's insides eaten.

I'm pretty sure a raccoon got mine.

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