What in the world happened overnight in my coop?


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My Coop
My Coop
I went to tend the chickens and I noticed Foghorn (26 week old White Leghorn rooster) and Snow White (26 week old WL pullet) came out of the run with what looked like dirty splatters on their backs. I thought they must have gotten dirty since it rained yesterday. Foghorn was worse then Snow White - so I thought that was strange - especially since he seemed to be dirtiest around his tail. Snow White seemed to just have one big dirty spot on the back area between her wings.

Here's Foghorn

Here's another closer shot

Then I went to clean out the manure box and I noticed a few blood splatters on the storage side door - I was at first concerned that someone had pooped blood. Then I noticed the splatters were on the feed front door & hanging feeder & walls & windows & manure box - there was blood splattered everywhere! Like tiny rain drop size red spots. I didn't find any big pieces or splatters. That's when it occured to me that Foghorn and Snow White weren't dirty they were bloody. I checked the other chicks for blood but didn't see any obvious spots.

My flock is: two 26 week olds (Foghorn-roo, Snow White-pullet), three 22 week olds (all pullets), five 12 week old Lavender Orpingtons (1 roo, 4 pullets) & two 12 week old Silkies (unknown sex, but possibly 1 roo & 1 pullet). We lost one silkie over Christmas - we think it was a rooster and we think the younger rooster pecked him in the head. They all share the same 10x5 coop and free range during the day when I let them out.

Here's my coop

I'm wondering what in the world happened in there overnight? Do you think something very small got into the coop and they had a field day with it? Do you think the 12 week old rooster tried fighting with the older pullet or rooster or both? Do you think that Foghorn tried to mount Snow White and she fought him off? I've noticed lately she will peck him if he gets nearby her.
Do I need to clean all that blood off the coop now or will the job keep until spring cleanup? Chickens! Never a dull moment!
Chickens! Never a dull moment ! As long as everyone is healthy just be thankful, that is until you can start speaking chicken and ask them. When you do, I'd like to have you over, I've got a few mysteries of my own I'd like answered.
I wonder if some poor hapless critter - mouse, mole, vole, wandered in to get some feed. I've seen our peeps make a huge mess with a tomato. You didn't find any open wounds, so maybe the blood came from an outsider.....
From the photo, it looks like your roo might have been pecked on his comb. It will bleed copious amounts of blood and then heal quickly. Keep an eye out for pecking and crowding issues. Once isn't a big deal. If this happens again, you'll want to look at your coop management. As your flock matures your housing might not be large enough. Also, your set-up is going to be really tight quarters for two roos. As far as clean-up - don't worry about it! (However, if there is red on the chickens, it'll invite further pecking, so use your judgement about that.)
A bob cat got partially into my chicken run a
nd bit up one of my hens. her comb was hangig half of, a toe was bitten off and her beak severly bitten and partially missing. will the beak grow back?
Okay I think I know who did the bleeding. It's my 21 week old Ancona. AC. Her comb has been damaged and she looks wet around her head. I suspect Foghorn was mating her and Snow White barged over to peck her for getting mated. That's what has been happening when Snow White sees the others get mated. Foghorn tears their combs up pretty good. At least that's my best guess. I'm not setting up cameras in there.
Yeah - I'm still trying to decide if I want to push it with keeping the two roosters or let one of them become stew. Francis has his girls - 4 of them and Foghorn has his girls - 4 of them. And maybe that will be okay with them all. Time will tell. Today Foghorn was on the cabinet and Francis jumped up there. Foghorn stood up and did the wing tip thing and Francis jumped down again. I think sooner or later Francis will outweigh Foghorn and then there may be trouble. Foghorn is a very good rooster for the girls - he is an excellent watcher/protector and finder of food/treats. He does get a little rough with the ladies - but I figured that was how the roosters did it. Foghorn still has the upper hand right now over Francis, but once Francis starts coming into his hormone levels I will probably have to choose who stays and who goes. Francis is pretty assertive for a young rooster. But Foghorn was assertive at that age too. Maybe I'll get rid of both of them and let the Silkie rooster rule. HAHA! That would be funny. At least the girls would get a break from mating - or maybe not?

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