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Feb 24, 2010
SW Florida

The man who we got our BO and BPR threw him/her in for free. The breeder had BO, Silkies, BPR, RIR, Black giants(?), and naked necks. He might have had others I didn't catch, our first thought was that it was a BO, but his feathers are so much lighter(almost cream or white) than our 6 week old pullets who are so thick and yellow.

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That baby is adorable, and I'm thinking roo. But I don't know about sexlink. My sexlinks, two were red (one a really deep red), and one was yellow, all 3 turned out to be pullets (so glad for that!), but none were as white as this. Any chance he had White Orps? And this little guy might be a mixed breed too. Aside from the mixes that come within the various sexlink types. He's cute though!
He is so adorable!! I'm new to chicks so I'm of no help to anyone just yet but that can of tuna caught my attention. Did you feed tuna to your little one or is that water? Can we feed tuna to the birds? I'm still searching for things I can feed them that will benefit them in some way. I don't want to steal your thread but curious minds have got to know.

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Fed the tuna to the cats as a treat for not eating my chicks and then we re-purposed the cans as a feed/water bowl for him. lol

Don't know about white orps, I don't remember that being one of the things he rattled off. Could be a mutt I suppose, in any case if he is a he, he is going to have to go because we already have a bpr roo and I am keeping a ee roo(if one of the 2 turns out to be one). I don't think we can get away with too many of them. lol
I can't remember if he had leghorns, I know he had all the breeds separated in different coops and runs, but I guess there is always a chance of cross breeding.

Definitely not a EE, he was put off I even asked if he had any, he doesn't do foo foo birds(Yet he has silkies???) lol.

He did have turkens though.

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