What is a BB Red?

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    I was just given what I was told was a bb red bantam. What does that mean? I see OEG bb red is that the same thing? What does BB stand for? Also do they stand with their wings lower than most birds? Mine is and I'm wondering if it was a sick bird I was given or that is the chickens stance.
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    BB red means black breasted red, and it is most common in Old English Game Bantams(OEGB), so yours is probably a BBR OEGB. Some chickens just hold their wings low, but seramas are supposed to, so maybe that's what you got. [​IMG] Old english games can do that to though. [​IMG]
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    Yep - Stands for Black Breasted Red. It is basically a duckwing without any silver genes. Most commonly refers to Old English, but can come on a whole score of breeds.

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