What is a "Feathered Kookamaran"? ANy photos of that or "Polish Crested Bantam"?


10 Years
Jul 19, 2009
Today I bought some day old chicks. I have 5 different breeds, and 2 of them I have not heard of before. One of them the shop salesman said was a "Feathered Kookamaran" but I can't find that listed anywhere, though I do see "Maran" listed as a breed. Anyone have any idea what a feathered Kookamaran is? The Feathered he said refers to the fact that their legs have feathers on them, which they do, even as day-olds!!

Also, he said I had two "Polish Crested Bantams". The ones I got are light yellow chicks which I think means they will be white when adult. I haven't been able to find any photos of white polish crested bantams...can anyone direct me to such?
polish come in bantams and large fowl. light yellow could mean white or buff. Do these have 5 toes and feathered legs? if so they are sultans. The others are cuckoo marans with feathered legs.
I agree on the cuckoo marans. Cuckoo is the coloring, the black and white. Marans is the breed, they come in different colors. They can have feathered legs or not, but I think it's preferable they do.
THanks for the links and the help! I now understand better what chickens I bought! I love the dark brown Maran eggs!!!
marans always ends in an s no matter if its one bird or more

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