What is a 'gentleman' rooster actually like.

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by DanIndiana, Nov 21, 2011.

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    Aug 27, 2010
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    This is my first group of roosters, so I don't really know how to judge. We have 4 roosters to 26 hens (a tad high perhaps, I know). They rarely fight amongst themselves, and all 4 hang out together regularly (they free-range 3 acres all day). A barred rock is the obvious leader. He is very protective, the girls follow his lead, but he has a tendency to chase and try to spur my kids when he sees them running around anywhere near the hens. I can tell he only sees them as a threat, but still it is a concern. I know this may be naive also, but is 'the act' with the girls ever at all consensual. Every time it's always the biting of the neck feathers, screaming, etc. with all the boys. Often seems rather violent. Even when he doesn't come after you, he always walks towards you, and makes you think he might jump at you. Can anyone describe a genuine 'calm' rooster's demeanor, and reproductive tendencies. I don't really want to take the guy out if this is just the way it is.
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    I'm sorry that your roo is making life hard for you, it sounds like he is NOT a gentleman to anyone. If he's young, he might grow out of it when the horomone haze clears.

    A good rooster will not constantly threaten both you and your family, but rather keep a wary distance. Sometimes people get roos who are even really cuddly and friendly, but I don't consider that a necessity; Im just happy with respect.

    I personally like the roos that are very courteous to the hens, like the one my friend has currently. He's so sweet to his girls, gently tapping their wing in request, and if he gets consent, he'll hop on and balance without any hair-pulling. My friend's flock is very peaceful, and her roo never challenges her or hurts her hens.
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    Quote:I agree. A good rooster will try to 'woo' the girl first.

    A good rooster will not eat before his girls. A good rooster will not attack the food source (ie: you). A good rooster will protect his girls. A good rooster will break up fights amongst the girls. A good rooster will make lots of different sounds that you will eventually be able to distinguish from one another. A good roo will look pretty [​IMG] That one is important lol.
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    He sounds like the perfect gentleman rooster..... for his girls. If you want a gentleman rooster toward you and your family, it's trial and error. The children need to play at a distance form the rooster and stay away from his harem. If this is not possible, nothing will change. Also, your ratio of roosters to hens is good.
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    Dec 1, 2010
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    i've got 2 roos to 13 hens.. they keep their distance from the wife n kids, they will get close if you have treats, but for the most part always stay at least 5 feet from ya... they are protective of the ladies, cats, dogs, hawks etc.. i've seen em run all the girls in the coop and then stand in the doorway with his chest out as an eagle was flying over, pretty funny.. i like their protectiveness and the way they call the girls over when they find something good to eat... they are a tad ruff when going for a ride, but some like it ruff now n then, or so i've heard.... just kidding, they do get a bit ruff but i figure let mother nature do what she does.... i do have a few hens with small bald spots from getting grabbed but nothing major... everyone seems happy and they keep pumping out eggs so i guess they're fine...
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    I have a young roo that is very respectful and protective.
    Mostly toward me but he is courteous to the other animals as well.
    He comes when I call.
    He lets everyone else out of the coop first and then he goes.
    He was wary of the new ducks at first because of how they dry off but now accepts them as his own.
    Everyone else eats first. Then he does.
    He follows me around the run when I'm in there and "protects" me from everything.
    He eats out of my hand very carefully so as not to hurt me.
    He isn't old enough to mate yet but he's getting there so I can't say yet whether he'll woo them or just jump right in...
    So, yes, mine is a gentleman rooster and I wouldn't trade him for the world [​IMG]
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    Jun 25, 2011
    Milner, Georgia
    The GLW rooster I have is as nice a rooster you could ask for. He leads the girls from spot to spot. If he finds something good he calls them and steps back and watches. He watches constantly. When I feed treats he stands back and waits till I give to him. My two sexlinks and EE are bully on the treats. But Bob never pushes his way in for any treat I have. I have to reach it to him. Just to see what he would do yesterday, while they were eating some scratch, I picked up one of the BO's I knew wouldn't like just to see his response. She went to screaming like I expected and everybody ran. I watched Bob not knowing what to expect. He stepped back two or three steps, look around at the others and stood there looking at me. He just stood there and did nothing. I don't think he ever thought any harm was coming to his girl and let it go.

    So from all the things I would say he is a 'gentleman rooster'
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    Jun 25, 2011
    Milner, Georgia
    I don't know how but I double posted with 1 click.
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    Jun 21, 2011
    We have one here that took up with us when the neighbors moved off and left him and his siblings who's really very sweet to his girls, he's got a dozen girls in his yard now. I let him have that yard of girls *because of the fact he's so sweet with them. He's just a little 3 lb mixed game bantam but he's really grown on me. I used to want to get rid of him but not anymore. When he sees us coming with food he'll start calling his girls & rounding them up to eat. He always lets them eat 1st. He's not tame, he grew up wild. When I have to do something to one of his hens and they start squawking and hollering he gets sooo upset, he'll stand off about 10' away and just shake and shake lol He's so scared and upset about his hen yet he's a lot more scared of me. I've had to sneak up on him and snatch him up for wormings and stuff and he just melts into a fuzzy puddle when I get ahold of him, he's SO scared of me. I don't know why, I've never hurt him. I'm a female and over 50 now-I think that fact just scares males in general [​IMG]
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    Feb 25, 2011

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