what is a good age to butcher EEs?


9 Years
Jun 21, 2010
I have four 14 weeks old EE roos that I need to get rid of and I've finally found an Amish couple that will turn them into meat for me.

Are they already ready or do I need to wait a little longer?

Also, from my understanding, after I take the birds to them, I will get them back the next day cleaned and packaged. What do I need to do next? Age them, if so, how?

I'm very apprehensive about the whole thing. I'm not even sure if I'm going to have the guts to eat them and how bad I'm going to feel taking them there.
If you can stand it go ahead and wait. I don't like EE roosters at all. I generally will call them as soon as they start to crow and get aggressive. Unfortunately I haven't found not one that hasn't been aggressive towards me. Their crow is also annoying.
What age do the roosters get aggressive? I have one that is friendly (my three year old named him "Noodles,") and I'm hoping he stays that way, but I obviously don't expect him to!
I have 2 EE roosters, and neither is aggressive. I'm interested in the answer to this too since that's what I plan on doing next year when I have some young cocks that I don't want to keep.
I'm not too attached to my roosters - I have way too many of them. I'm planning on keeping one for a 10 bird flock and am already wondering how much trouble I'm asking for.

They are not agressive per se, yet. They are not friendly either, but crowing thier heads off every morning.

My four year old daughter claimed to be attacked by one yesterday, though. All we heard was a lot of noise, like the bird was screaming for dear life when you try to hold it. And then my daughter came crying that "the rooster was trying to eat her all gone". It was getting dark so we didn't see what's happened. I kind of assumed she was trying to hold it and grabbed it the wrong way. I doubt the rooster just charged at her for no reason, but you never know.

Either way, we are going to take them to Amish couple in three weeks .... unless they really get on my nerv before that.
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I have a one year old mean ee rooster- he protects his 10 hens (we free range during the afternoon) and possibly saved one of my favorites from being carried off by a hawk last week (she was injured, but will recover). He atttacks anyone that gets near his hens- I would never let a child near him. He attacks unprovoked b/c in his male brain I am a threat. I've gotten bruises on my legs from him even though wearing jeans and thick boots. The point is keep the kids away- he's just gonna get worse.

One of my hens (wyandotte) hatched 2 chicks, both ee, one hen one roo. The plan is to butcher the roo.
You've got some scary rooster.
Mine are still young and rather scared then scary ... yet.
They are still afraid of my older hens, even though they are pretty much same size as them.

Out of five I'm keeping only one, and the one that I've observed to be the most aggressive towards pullets is going to be eaten for sure.

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