what is all that dust in the coop?

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9 Years
May 16, 2010
south portland, maine
Today's the major clean out day that we do once a year--we use the deep litter method. Out with the old shavings and then wash everything down and reorganize the coop. So, what the heck makes all that dust?? Is it like chicken dander from their feathers or what?? Yikes!
Could be gathered dirt, sand, deteriorated droppings, and the such. We have the same when we let our coops go uncleaned.

HS Pye
Chickens scratch and peck at everything. The dry matter in the coop tends to shred and flake from all this action. Consequently, you wind up with a lot of dust.

Like they said. Dander, dried droppings, shredded bedding, dirt and mud they track in, all of which they continuously scratch. Plus my contribution, dust that just blows in on the wind. Which is the greater component? Depends some on your coop and how you manage them.
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