What is all this flying around??

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    My almost ten week olds (15 of them) are let out into the yard every evening about an hour or so before sundown (they go right back into the coop to put themselves to bed at sundown, it's really neat). When I first let them out, they all jump down onto the ground and do an initial peck around a bit, and then one will run and fly, that sets off four of five of them, and they all do the same thing. They jump in the air and fly at each other, land, and then do it again. Is this a pecking order thing? They settle down after awhile. It's a hoot to watch, some of them even bounce off my leg or arm in the process, they're so involved in whatever they're doing.
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    I don't know, but thats why I like chicken TV!! Never a dull moment!
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    They're exersizing their little wings! One of natures pre programmed instincts in action! [​IMG]
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    Mine do it too! As soon as I open the door, they do a few hops and then take off with wings-a-flappin'! It's hilarious! [​IMG]
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    Mine do that too, they love the first part of the day- cool, fresh, room to run. They are in love with their life- good for you, you have happy birds.

    I do think that when they come face to face and strut you're seeing pecking order ritual...[​IMG]

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