What is an EE?


14 Years
May 6, 2008
San Francisco Bay Area, EB
I see so many different looking chickens referred to as EEs. I got some "EE" eggs from a friend and one hatched. Its picture is below. What kind of chicken is it? Does anyone know?

It is about 5 days old in this pic.

I call it Chipmunk because that is what its coloring and markings remind me of.
Probably the earliest indicator is the pea comb usually changes to pink and then red on the males long before the pullets , probably starting around 4 or 5 weeks . Since they are usually of unknow breeding and all individuals vary in when they start showing signs of sexual maturity nothing is a hard and fast rule .
Yes, I always say the truth is in the comb. It has never failed me though I have tried hard to ignore what I know is the truth. Isnt there something about feathering out faster indicating a female too? Also, I saw on feathersite.com a picture of two week old Faverolle wing coloring as an indicator.


the top is of the male, showing the darker coloring on the wing

I do enjoy watching them grow, photographing them myself and then using the information gained and photo data for further generation comparison.

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