What is best to use in outdoor run flooring?


11 Years
Mar 29, 2008
I have had chickens and ducks for about 10 years now, well the chickens came along 4 years ago. Anyway, I have a large run for them and over the years it has just gotten to be a mess. The ducks loved it because they wallowed in the mud...lol However we don't like sinking in the mud.

I am redoing my chicken area and have been debatting what to use for the flooring of the run. Can ya'll tell me what you have used and what you had most luck with.

In the past I have used just grass, with my 1 rooster alone the grass became a jungle for him. The other 2 roosters it became bear and then muddy. there for a while I had pine shavings in the run but when it rained it got gross, then I had straw but same thing.

I had thought about using mulch but worried about anything treated and them trying to eat through it.

So give me your idea on how to make my chicken run look beautiful and not ran down.

Do you put post in the run to keep it inside? Seems like rain would make it eventually go out the sides. And wet sand isn't messy? I have never been on wet sand..lol
Yes, I think you do need some kind of baseboard around the run to contain the sand, kind of like building a big sandbox, really.

If you get the right kind of sand (the kind that doesn't clump when wet), sand is great even when it's wet. It's like walking on the beach after the tide has gone out. It's a nice firm surface that doesn't stick to your shoes much. And it drains and dries quickly, too.

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