What is causing my toms to look like that?!?!


Rebuilding my Farm
9 Years
Dec 30, 2010
Sparta, MI
These are my first turkeys, and I got them as day olds last year. It started in late winter, I at first thought that they were looking out of the window too much, and rubbing on the windowsill. but their tails looks like it went through a wood chipper.
Is it from fighting? I free range them. I can't wait until when they moult!
Thanks for any help on this.




My Chickens molted in summer last year, so I suppose it could also happen early in turkeys. Are these burbon red? I love them. I would love to have a couple but they are hard to find in my area,and I don't know what I would do with 15 that I would have to buy from a hatchery.
Treating them for the lice should help a lot.

But, do you have mice? I have a few chicken coops (ok 7 coops) and one coop has a mouse problem - the problem is the mice snip feathers off of my sleeping birds to line their nests! Took me a bit to figure it out - did not understand until I moved the coop and found the nest of snipped chicken feathers and baby mice.
The mice snipped from chest/saddle/tail feathers.
no not joking i have all kinds of birds that are different ages and molt at different times of the year.

How old are they a year? if so have they ever molted before?

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