What is Cheeky!!


Dec 9, 2015



I think she is a silver spangled hamburg(?) but I'm not positive.. Also how do I introduce her to my year old hens? They have an established pecking order- Paula is the boss and Darwin is at the bottom- I get worried because my other hens seemed pretty ok with Cheeky the chick, but Paula pecked at her the first time I tried briefly introducing them, and then the second time she stepped/stomped(?) on her. Cheeky is totally ok no worries about health , I had her separated for weeks in my room-not very sanitary but it was the only place I could for the few weeks I had her inside- yesterday I actually moved my baby outside and closed the run, my girls are free range so they aren't missing out much, and put Cheeky in there. I think letting them see her but not touch her until she is bigger is a good idea, right? I'm not at all experienced with introducing chickens to each other. All my hennies were raised together! So by now they get along. Thanks for your help!!:D

Michael OShay

5 Years
May 14, 2014
Cheeky could be a Silver Spangled Hamburg chick although the legs in pic 2 appear as though they may have a greenish tint to them (Hamburgs have slate legs), but that might be just a trick of the light in the pic. Where did you get Cheeky from? Also, can you get some close up pics of the legs and comb in good, natural light?

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