What is going on here? Fertile eggs and no rooster!


7 Years
Mar 11, 2014
Okay so we currently do not have a rooster, we haven't for months now. The last couple of weeks we have noticed our eggs look fertilized (white dot on yolk is a bullseye). We have a hen that will attempt to crow on occasion however she has no other rooster traits and I'm about 85% sure she is laying eggs because I've seen her in the nest boxes. We just started letting them free range the yard for a few hours in the evenings but our entire yard is fenced and the nearest rooster is in another fenced yard across the street. Has anyone ever experienced something similar or can the bullseye mean something other than a fertile egg?
I can't see a bullseye in the pic but not saying it isn't there. Do you have a pic of the crower and how old is it?
Just over a year old now, not good at crowing. Black Minorca breed.

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