What is going on with Rio

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5 Years
Apr 22, 2014
My Dominique, Rio, is just sitting around and looking like she doesn't feel the best. This has been going on about a week now. I am wondering if this is due to my moving the coop and run a couple weeks ago to green grass and moss from the winter location that didn't have any greens in it, only straw on an old gravel drive way area. They free range when we can be with them due to the hawks in our area. Is it possible that she got too much of a good thing with the green grass and moss? I've tried giving her a few drops of ACV mixed with EVO and a few drops of water yesterday afternoon. No change as of this morning, she did peck around with the others some and then went and plopped down. The other thought we had was maybe she is beginning to be broody or maybe she is much older than we think. She is supposed to be about two years old.

Rio looks good, eyes clear and open, no foul odor at her beak that I can smell, crop seems flat (even in the afternoon but I think this is due to her not eating very well) feathers look great, waddles and comb are bright red and look good, vent is clean, laid an egg day before yesterday (should be due again today), no diarrhea (small poops again due to not eating well), no mites that I have seen, she has a past history of scaly leg last year. Her main symptoms seem to be just listless and sitting around a lot, tail down or straight out but not tucked, eating is off the past two days (has eaten a little bit). She will get up some but then just goes and plops down again. She hasn't ever been my most active hen but this is different than her normal laid back self. She or the flock haven't been wormed since I have had them, about 1 year because they are a closed flock with no new birds or strangers taking care of them.

Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated. : )

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