What is in my Rooster?

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    Hi everyone,

    A few months ago we bought some backyard chooks to replenish our stocks, as two of our hens are in retirement. We got three "pullets" two pure white with red pea combs and a brown one, well a couple months later the brown "chicken" surprised us by becoming a roo practically overnight (or a Chooster as I call him). He is very quite (apart from his morning call) pretty small and hasn't shown any aggression so far, so he is staying for now. I was just wondering what was in him? I thought normal sex link roos were white with a brown bum but ours is the opposite. Im guessing he is a mutt really butt a point or guess in the right direction would help [​IMG].

    Mr Barker formerly Miss Barker

    He has a white laced tail?


    Mr Barker and one of the white hens that came with. [​IMG]


    Thank you
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    I don't know what mix or breed he is but, he sure is a good looking fellow.[​IMG]
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    Thank you! I just wish I knew a bit more about him :)

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